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We leverage artificial intelligence to transform ordinary interactions into extraordinary connections. We're dedicated to facilitating more meaningful exchanges between people.

Your Conversational Companion for Romantic Relationships

Our premier product, Barbara, is a conversational AI designed to deepen connections between couples. It is designed with the understanding that communication is the backbone of any relationship, and sometimes, all it takes to inspire connection is a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Meet Barbara
Your Conversational Companion for Families

Imagine having a wise friend, a communication coach right at your fingertips, dedicated to helping your family grow together, understand each other better, and communicate more effectively. Meet Marina, an innovative AI conversation coach designed specifically for families. Enhance your family bonding, improve communication, and encourage personal growth with Marina – your partner in building and maintaining strong family relationships.

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No need to be shy

We understand that opening up to others, especially strangers, can feel uncomfortable. That's why our innovative AI conversation coaches, are designed with your privacy and comfort in mind. Your conversations are strictly confidential and will remain exclusively between you and your AI coach.

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We help you build rituals

Strong, enduring relationships are built on a foundation of consistent, meaningful communication. The value of such communication can't be overstated, and yet, amidst our hectic lives, it can often be challenging to cultivate and maintain. That's where we step in as your dedicated AI conversation coach.